Ramses – Our Hero!

Our Hero!

It’s not every day you rescue both the nurse and a little girl while delivering on your route. That’s what our
IC from Cincinnati, Jesus Aleman #10022 (better known as Ramses) did at Mariemont Elementary

Ramses was kind enough to help translate for the nurse with a Spanish speaking little girl. She had a
tooth ache—and was unable to communicate with the only person who could help her. Ramses was their
“hero of the day” and received a kind thank you note for his thoughtfulness. And if you know anything
about Ramses—it doesn’t surprise you at all! Here’s a letter from the school nurse to Ramses:

Dear Ramses,

I just want to thank you for your kindness this school year. Not sure if you remember a sweet little girl
with a tooth ache in the clinic at Mariemont Elementary? She didn’t speak English and I didn’t
understand. You were nice enough to find out what was going on and made her feel understood and
cared for. I felt so helpless and it broke my heart.

Your kindness and caring made us both feel better. Bless you for being our hero that day.


Peggy Kersker